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Department of Pediatric

Description of the department 

·         General Pediatric

·         Gastro –Enterology

·         Cardiology

·         Pneumology

·         Neonatology

·         Infectious diseases and parasitic

The department is composed by the following services/unities:

1. Outpatient consultation: We receive patients for medical consultation from 7:00-4:00 AM, Monday-Friday. After 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday, and on weekends we receive only emergencies and Transfers from District hospitals.

2. Neonatology Unity: Has capacity of 33 beds including 13 incubators. The neonatology unity receives new born premature babies and ill new born from CHU/Maternity and from District hospitals. District hospitals to call before transferring a baby. The service works as a center for Kangaroo mother care, with 10 special chairs for the method. The unit is also a training centre for nurses from District hospitals and nursing schools.

3. Emergency unity/ works 24hours/24hours.The unit is staffed with a doctor and a nurse, with a Pediatrician on call.

4. Paediatrics hospitalization: for all admitted ill children. This is for children older than one month. There are 40 inpatient beds.

5. Paediatrics’ ART Unit: This Unit is specialized in taking care of children living with HIV/AIDS and the follow up of babies born to HIV positive mothers. The Unit does supervision of 9 Districts hospital to ensure quality care to children living with HIV/AIDS, and HIV exposed babies. (Those DH are: Kabutare DH, Nyanza DH, Gakoma DH, Health center of Gikonko, Kigeme DH,Kibogora DH, Gihundwe DH, Mibilizi DH, Bushenge DH). The unit organizes support group meetings for children living with HIV/AIDS, does counseling and HIV testing, home visiting and psychosocial support, and Community mass sensitization about HIV infection prevention.


Pediatric Outpatients: 0786913479

Pediatric Hospitalisation: 0783548129

Neonatology: 0785755424

Head of Department:

Tel: (+250)788 400 424