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Department of E.N.T.

The department of Ear, Nose and Throat (E.N.T) is one of the clinical departments in the University Teaching Hospital of Butare (U.T.H/Butare).
It began its activities in 1970. 

For the personnel, it has:

a) Medical staff
- Specialist doctors.
- General Practitioner doctors.
B) Nursing staff: 
- Nurses A0;
- Nurses A1. 
C) Workers of support (Cleaners). 

The activities of the department are the following: 

The services to the community: Reception, examinations, medical or surgical treatments of the patients (outpatient, inpatient and operated patients). 
The training of the students: 

Theory training of the students in Doc II;
Practical training:- Assistant Doctor; 
- Medical Students in Doc III; 
- Nurses Students.
The supervision of district hospitals; is done following the program of the Butare university Teaching hospital.

The outpatient’s consultations are done all working days and emergencies are received all days, day and night. 

The Surgical Operations are performed all days depending on the patients appointments 


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