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Description of Food and Dietetic Service


The Service of Food and Dietetic is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient-focused nutrition care.


To create the highest quality of nutritional care through our commitment to patients
and their families.


1.Mrs KENGAYIGA Sapience
Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition
Phone: 0788776232

2.Mrs UMUTONI Grace
A2 in Human Nutrition
Phone: 0788540420

Activities’ Hours

Food and Dietetic Service is normally open from Monday through Friday, from7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., and every time in case a Nutritionist is needed. 


Dietetic service

·Prescribe therapeutic diets to the Inpatients hospitalized in different departments and Outpatients according to the diagnosis mentioned by the doctor
·Nutritional consultation in order to evaluate nutritional status and provide optimal nutrition care to Inpatients.
·Management of malnutrition by using therapeutic milk F75 and F100 or Ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) for severe acute malnutrition, and Soya Corn Blend (CSB) for moderate malnutrition.
·Provide dietary counseling and education includes: Breastfeeding and his importance, Infant and Young Child Nutrition, Nutrition during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Nutrition and HIV care
·Provide counseling and education about chronic diseases includes: Diabetes, Cirrhosis of the liver, obesity, Kidney disease …
·Provide nutritional assessment that includes:

  • - Formula/feeding recommendations
    • - Monitoring of special diets
    • - Evaluation of special or restrictive diets
    • - Basic assessment of nutritional status of patients by taking anthropometric measures

Food Service 

·Purchase food to feed needy patients hospitalized in different departments
·Ensure the distribution of food to patients under diet treatment
·Maintenance of food hygiene
·Provide counseling and education about different topics: Hand Hygiene, Safe preparation and storage of foods, Plan a balanced diet, …. 

Contact of in charge of Food and Dietetic

Mrs KENGAYIGA Sapience
Phone: 0788776232


Dr NDOLI Minega Jules
Director of Clinical Services                            
Phone number: 0788634644